Revolver od The Beatles 1966

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od Daryl Easlea 23. tra 2007. 0/0


# Title Length
Vinyl 1
A1 Taxman 2:41
A2 Eleanor Rigby 2:10
A3 I’m Only Sleeping 3:04
A4 Love You To 3:03
A5 Here, There and Everywhere 2:28
A6 Yellow Submarine 2:42
A7 She Said She Said 2:39
B1 Good Day Sunshine 2:12
B2 And Your Bird Can Sing 2:04
B3 For No One 2:04
B4 Doctor Robert 2:17
B5 I Want to Tell You 2:32
B6 Got to Get You Into My Life 2:33
B7 Tomorrow Never Knows 2:57
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