Rubber Soul by The Beatles 1965

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by Daryl Easlea Apr 17, 2007 0/0


# Title Length
12" Vinyl 1
A1 Drive My Car 2:27
A2 Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) 2:02
A3 You Won’t See Me 3:20
A4 Nowhere Man 2:41
A5 Think for Yourself 2:16
A6 The Word 2:42
A7 Michelle 2:42
B1 What Goes On 2:45
B2 Girl 2:28
B3 I’m Looking Through You 2:23
B4 In My Life 2:23
B5 Wait 2:12
B6 If I Needed Someone 2:20
B7 Run for Your Life 2:20
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